MOU with Elite Institute

Our college signed MOU with Elite institute and soft skills for executive diploma in Pharmacovigilance and clinical research which gives additional valve education to the students.

Introducing Elite Institute of Pharmacy Skills (EIPS) as a Premium Institute in Pune for Skill Developments in Pharmaceutical Industry
EIPS believes from the core of the heart: Health is Wealth
Serving in the Pharmacy Industry is first a noble task and then a well co- ordinate business. It essentially links the economy and the sociological aspect very subtly. We in EIPS believe in our aspirations and would like to try our best to instill the values in our students who would carry the legacy forward.

Earlier pharmacy professionals worked and upgraded themselves as regulatory professionals. They had to work and learn through strict guidelines laid by the regulatory affairs department. Present scenario has changed a lot for the betterment of the whole industry. Like any other disciplines of scientific studies Pharmacy skills training schools too have been established globally. The students after graduating with bachelor’s in Pharma or Master’s in Pharma are opting for entrance in reputed training institutes to undergo programmes for theoretical and practical training. EIPS welcomes any student from pharmacy and life science discipline for the niche training available here.

There are various programmes in EIPS which cater to the desire of the aspiring pharma professionals. With a noble vision we strive here to provide the global pharmaceutical industry with professionals carved with niche. We take an oath to produce professionals who are efficient and dedicated at the same time.

We foresee that our students make a mark not only in the country but internationally. Hence learning and training is provided in a world class infrastructure. The students are always are kept abreast of the latest updates around the world in the pharmacy studies and research. CDs and books are at their reach in our library. EIPS also look forward to maintain a long term relationship with the students who would receive mails regarding placements till they find their best job.

All measures are made smooth as much as possible for the students who seek to enter in one of the fastest growing industry. The rapidly increasing competitive attitude for the best quality this field needs an ambition and a good strategic plan to carry it out.

EIPS is too delighted to support you throughout your journey.

The fast expansion of pharmaceutical industry and its concerned sectors need efficient and trained professionals. Unlike to the fact as thought some years ago Pharmacists aren’t only the drug dispensers or retailers. The pharmaceutical professionals are now trained in various aspects of the industry to keep up with the global challenges. Effective and integrated training is very essential to observe growth in this sector.

We are extremely glad to welcome you to EIPS. Equipped with pharmacy knowledge you are already abreast with the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. We would like you to prepare yourselves perfectly for the opportunities in this competitive scenario.

We in Elite (EIPS) would like the aspiring healthcare professionals take their first step in the industry with confidence.

At par with the true meaning of the word ‘Elite’, we look forward to morph the students here into the best manpower in Pharmaceuticals Industry.

Indian healthcare sector is moving ahead globally with great pace. The codeword for success here is Survival. It indicates a great effort to establish and acquire the numero uno position in this industry, literally needs relevantly skilled professionals.

We envision providing the pharmaceutical industry with individuals of highest competency and caliber who are equipped with thorough knowledge of scientific principles, Biotech research and Drug Development in tune with the regulatory environment.

EIPS would always like to give a definite shape to your dreams and support you with the effective training. We truly want you to achieve great targets utilizing your potential to the fullest. Here we assure friendly and disciplined environment as well as value aided courses.