Grievance Redressal Form

Procedure for lodging complaint:
 The students can lodge their grievances through an online mechanism in the link provided on web site of the college or through the dropbox kept near entrance of library.Dropbox opened once in a month to collect grievances.
 The Grievance Cell will act upon all the cases received online and also offline (dropbox).
Confidentiality of the person lodging the complaint is maintained in the process.

Mechanism of the GRC-

  1. Grievance redressal committee (GRC) shall consider only individual grievances of specific nature of students and staff.
  2. The GRC shall not consider any grievance of general applicability or of collective nature raised collectively by more than one employee/student.
  3. Post receipt of the complaint/application the committee will decide on the merit of the case regarding the scope of further discussion and investigation and act promptly.
  4. The GRC may mediate between complainant and defendant against who the complaint has been made, it required.
  5. GRC shall consider redressing grievances within a short period.
  6. The cell will give the report to the authority about the cases attended and seek guidance from the higher authorities if required.